Rooftop Air Handling Units AHU

Ceiling AHU combined with the technology of ceiling heat recovery ventilator (HRV), aim at the compact installation and energy efficiency for all budiling. Airflow range 800~10,000CMH. AHU Overview Rooftop Ceiling Suspended AHU Features 1.- Compact design, ultimate low height, reducing the lifting space occupied. 2.- Independently research, develop and produce heat recovery components, achieving sensible heat or total heat recovery with excellent energy-saving effects. 3.- Constructed by sandwich panes with optimal thermal and noise insulation performance. 4.- High efficiency heating/cooling coils to ensure good heat exchange performance while reducing air resistance to reduce fan power load. 5.- The internal air channel design is optimized to improve the air supply capacity. 6.- Two-way ventilation, introducing outdoor fresh air while expelling indoor stale air to improve indoor air quality. 7.- Flexible combinations, coarse filter or medium filter and bypass or wet film humidifier are optional to meet different user requirements 5                 Rooftop Ceiling Suspended AHU Unit Type Type 1: Coarse Filter + Heat Recovery + Heating/Cooling Coils + Fan 5                         Type 2: Coarse Filter + Heat Recovery (with bypass) + Heating/Cooling Coils + Humidifier + Fan (Bypass damper and Humidifier are optional) 5                       Type 3: Coarse and Medium Filters + Heat Recovery + Heating/Cooling Coils + Fan 5                         Type 4: Coarse and Medium Filter + Heat Recovery (with Bypass) + Heating/Cooling Coils + Humidifier + Fan 5                       Note: All of the above air outlet type are A, and the configurations of other outlet type are the same.