2020 New Design Eco Vent Pro Series Energy Recovery Ventilators


The ceiling fresh air purification energy recovery ventilator is an air energy recovery and purification ventilation device. It is composed of fresh air fan, exhaust fan, total heat exchanger, fresh air primary filter, fresh air high efficiency filter (PM2.5), return air primary filter and so on.
Fresh air ventilation function: When the product is running, the treated fresh air is continuously delivered to the room through the air inlet, and the dirty air in the room is discharged at the same time, so as to improve the indoor air quality.
Fresh air purification function: Fresh air entering the room can effectively remove impurities (dust, floc, etc.) in the air and PM2.5 particles which is  harmful to the human body after double purification of the primary filter and the high-efficiency filter.
Energy recovery function: Use the total heat exchanger to effectively recover the temperature and humidity energy in the exhaust air, and return it to the supply air to achieve the purpose of reducing energy loss.

ceiling ERV

New design ERVQ series energy recovery ventilators:

Air flow range:600~1300CMH

1. High Quality Casing — Zinc-free galvanized steel panel
2. EPS Inner Structure
EPS structure:  Integrated EPS insulation structure effectively preventing condensation ,and improving insulation and  saving energy consumption.
3. Easy Maintenance

ERVQ service port Bottom service port design;
Hoisting requires low maintenance and convenience;
Easily meet different suspending requirements;Replace all filters by service port;
Check main spare parts in unit by service port.

4. PM2.5 Purification

Multiple filters effectively removing PM2.5; The operating room grade filter material with high efficiency up to 99% PM2.5 filtration rate.

Effectively filter dust, PM2.5 haze particles and other harmful substances,

to make air cleaner and healthier.

pm2.5 purify

5. High efficiency and high quality total heat exchanger – low energy consumption

  Heat transmissibility and physical strengthMoisture penetrability and air permeabilityFire retardantAnti-bacteria and mold prevent performance; ABS heat exchanger

energy saving heat exchanger
7. Intelligent Control System 

ERVQ controller

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